Pami Papillon


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The well-known Belgian designer Axel Enthoven (Yellow Window) designed, together with Pami, an extremely comfortable and stylish alternative for working at home at the kitchen or living room table.

The Pami Papillon is a personal cocoon to work calmly and productively. This ergonomic home office makes teleworking pleasant and productive. Moreover, you completely isolate yourself from the outside world. This way you ensure your peace and concentration.

Pami Papillon in a nutshell

  • Walls made of acoustic, recycled felt (anthracite) with pinboard function
  • An adjustable lightweight worktop (white, black or oak)
  • Sturdy frame finished in black textured lacquer
  • Design lighting with touch control
  • 2 USB outlets (for charging your smartphone, among other things)
  • Fully mobile on wheels or fixed (as desired)
  • Height 140 cm - width 160cm - depth worktop 60 cm

Less distractions, more security

The big advantage of the Pami Papillon if you ask us? The fact that you can completely isolate yourself from the outside world, your children playing, your partner working at home, ... And that in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, wherever you place the Pami Papillon. Your peace and concentration are assured.

The walls provide a visual separation between work and private life. Moreover, thanks to the chosen material, they also function as acoustic insulation. And when your work is done, the Pami Papillon can immediately serve as a cosy homework area for your son or daughter.

Would you rather literally keep your work out of sight as soon as your weekend starts? That is perfectly possible. You can move your home office in its entirety to another room, rolling on the handy wheels.

Mobile and sustainable

Of course, in the realisation of this home office, Pami once again set to work with the idea of 'design for disassembly'. So the whole home office is easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble without losing its sturdiness.

Furthermore, all materials were chosen for their comfort, quality and environmental friendliness. For instance, for the walls we used strong synthetic felt based on recycled fibres. Moreover, the Pami Papillon is delivered in a flat pack so it doesn't take up a lot of space on the road.


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